Peridot In Basalt

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Crystallised Peridot deep within the Earth’s crust is carried to the surface by a volcanic eruption.

Peridot has been found in meteorites that have fallen to Earth from deep space.

Peridot In Basalt (1 piece)

Approx Weight Each: 35-75g

Approx Measurement Each: 5cm x 3cm


Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Leo



  • Inspire eloquence and creativity
  • Reduces stress, anger and guilt
  • Helps attract abundance
  • Brings peace to relationships
  • Protects the aura
  • Sharpens and opens the mind to new levels of awareness


In ancient times, Peridot was believed to keep away evil spirits.

In Hawaii, peridot symbolizes the tears of Hele who is the goddess of fire and volcanoes. 

Crystal from Arizona