Peacock Ore Rough

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‘Stone of Joy and happiness’

Peacock Ore Rough (1 piece) 

Approx Weight Each: 45g - 70g 

Approx Measurement Each: 5cm x 3cm 


Chakra: all
Zodiac: Capricorn



  • Promotes happiness and joy
  • Protects against evil influences
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation
  • Increases vitality
  • Facilitates the alignment of chakras
  • Activates individual charkas

Also known as ‘Bornite’ or ‘Chalcopyrite’


Peacock ore also known as ‘Bornite’ is a brown to copper-red coloured mineral and when it tarnishes becomes an iridescent purple, green and or blue colour on the surface of the stone.

Crystal from Mexico